Trend Chasing? - Share your tips and recommendations!


I’m interested in reading about everyone’s take on this. So are you chasing that trend and writing music to specifically make and earn money fast? Writing music as it comes that excites you? Or struggling to find a happy medium and if you’re writing music for you and not necessarily chasing the trends - BUT - are also making a lot of sales, what other things are you doing that are working well for you? Is there a secret or is it just as simple as the difference between Great and Mediocre in terms of what you create…thanks in advance for sharing.


I don’t chase trends. Trends chase me. :wink:

I compose music that I love, much like any other composer(I hope). Orchestral based soundtracks filled with imagery of world and character detail. Each track takes you through a journey, and I prefer to keep it that way. I love Fantasy so I am very much attracted to classical instruments, and sometimes mixing electronic as well. It’s something I want to get into more. Music is always evolving. My favorite artist is Thomas Bergersen from Two Steps From Hell. I’ve always wanted to create a trance track or two, perhaphs a dubstep one. Manipulating synths can be fun in VSTs. A lot of my electronic tracks have more listeners than my orchestral ones, but that’s a given in this day and age.


I always try to make music that I most like , but To be honest, I’m always listening to the top sellers tracks and trying to make something similar, once in a while, for the income…


Have to compromise, because I like to sell and have to simplify. Like polifony the most, but no-one will buy that.


I’m new here so I am very interested in what you guys have to say about this . Please go on chaps :smiley:


Hi ! Such as many others creative people I like to create music not only for money but to express myself. But we needs money too. :blush: I have three way to my new track on AJ. First: Like @blackstop wrote I listen top sellers and try to make something similar but original. Second: I make tracks that I can use in my personal work (I’m not only composer/producer but a sound producer on different events and ceremonies). Third: I listen TV and Radio and try to create something in those mood that really impressed me and I want to my future track would be better for this case.


Maybe this helps…