TravelKit Demo 4 (Wordpress)

Hi All,
We are fairly new at building our own website, and would greatly appreciate anyone assistance in getting our business up and running with the TravelKit theme demo 4 template.

We have initially tried contacting the Author and sadly this has been very limiting and were told to go onto the forums. I believe we are asking some basic procedures and have spent the last week trying to resolve these listed below.

Can anyone HELP!!!

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How to add our logo and replace the travelkit logo
• How to change the header image on travelkit theme e.g vehicles header picture
• How do we edit the ‘’contact us” under the “pages” on the header menu
• How do we remove “tour guide”in Tour Folder and hotel ifo in all folders


Regards Don

Considering that he’s not providing free support, at this point, I could offer a paid service: