Traveling The Philippines


Hi all, I’m thinking about going to the Philippines for a few weeks in November. Have any cool tips?

I’m going to do a bit of filming/photography so it would be nice to find some awesome scenic spots, preferrably with indigenous wildlife (not the imported, not interested in that). I hear Palawan might be the place for that? El Nido?

Is Manila worth spending a few days in or should I just use it as a hub?

The last week I might feel a bit more touristy (beach, parties) so will probably go to Boracay.




i something about traveling to the phillipines on Reddit yesterday and to watch out for the bullet scam in the airport…


I hope you’ll enjoy staying here on the Philippines. Haven’t been to Palawan but also planning to, probably next summer. There are lots of place to go to on Manila if you’re onto partying.