Traveler theme doesn't recognize my key

I have a problem with one of the themes that I have bought. Particularly that of “traveler”.
I installed it in a domain without problems, but I didn’t get to use it, now I want to use it in another domain, for this I have uninstalled the key from the first domain, and I have received confirmation of this. But when I want to install the key in the second domain, once released, when I try to register it with this second domain, it tells me that it is invalid.
I have tried to enter the page of this theme, but it is not operational. Could you offer me a solution, please?

Hello @salcedoxx

1 license = 1 domain , You should purchase second license for second domain. You can also contact author for support

How to contact an author


There is no way to contact the seller, I just want to use it for one domain, it is unlinked and it only works on the first domain I installed it on, I don’t want to use it on that domain, I was just testing it, I want to use it on the domain I want, That’s why I unlinked it, but it doesn’t work, it gives me an error that the purchase code is invalid, even if it’s not assigned to any other domain… the theme provider doesn’t give me an answer, neither do you… what should I do? can you give me a refund? They do not give me the option to use a product for which I have paid

you can open support ticket

Customer support