travel Train booking theme



Hey guys ^^ im new and i need urgently a travel train wordpress theme like that

but on theme so if someone have a idea where i can found that told me ^^ thx all for listen me


Just one that appears like that OR one which has the search functionality around live train times included?


one which has the search functionality around live train times included pls, because all i see is always with buse or car and i dont see one with train ‘-’ ( its the discrimation xDDD )


You won’t find that here as a pre-built theme.

All the different train companies and info require custom input to feed the correct information and configure the forms.


where can i find a theme to replace 1 custome setting like car or something like that and replace by train? can you give me a tips ? for the choice of the travel ?


it doesn’t work like that - there are loads of things to consider about the individual info feeds or API, how they are configured etc.

This will depend on where the train info comes from e.g. train operators, a central info feed and so on.

It is a custom job that requires proper planning - you would be best to look on for a decent freelancer


but i dont want a advanced setting train i juste need :
Departure (city/station)
• Arrival (city/station)
• Departure date
• Departure time range (before 10 A.M, between 11 A.M and 2 P.M, etc.)

i think i can’t found that on a existing travel theme wordpress and i would just change the name of parameter


Creating a form with those fields is not a big deal…

BUT all the info e.g. list of stations, departure times on different days has to be dynamically applied and updated to those options.

You can’t realistically/accurately do this manually can you?


yes i can ^^
its juste for a demo its not for a réal entreprise so i can entry some information dont worry ^^


It is don’t need to actually work then you can just create any old basic form - very simple


with what theme?


Any one with a form on it (so just about anyone you want) and then just adjust the fields to whatever ones you need.

Or just search CodeCanyon for a travel booking form and use that in whatever theme you want to use


ok thx dude ^^