Travel Theme for Trips-Tours / Cruises / Schedule / Boking in combination

Hi Guys,

i was searching for travelthemes the last days and didn’t found a match for the following main features wich it should combine:

The project is about booking trips in several countrys,starten at several ports, for people wich go by a cruise (i.e. Aida). On the homepage the should have options:

Searching for their (allready self-booked) cruise in combination with their starting time. All Cruises with times they ship are back-end provided by admin. They can search by typing the name (i.e. Aida Bella) and get suggestions if this cruise is supported. Opening this cruise, they see the timetable/Cruise Itinerary with all ports this ship is stopping in their choosed cruiseing-time. And if there is a -trip- on one or more of these stops, they can click on “show trip”. For example on day 5 of the criuse-tour, the ship stops a Amsterdam, they see at row 5: Stop 5 - Monday 23th Dezember - Location: Amasterdam - Arival 8.00 am - Departure 6.00 pm - Show Trips/Tours.

Clicked on show trips/tours, they see THE one available or more trips&tours they can do on this day AND view more trip/tour informations and BOOK them.

I hope, with my beatiful english, i was able to descripe it good enough.

Thanks in advance guys,


Hi Max,

The best option si to make custom made site by your specifications. Only on that way you will get all what you need.
You can contact me and we can talk about your project.