Travel Booking Theme didn't support after payed

I didn’t get any support or my website is can’t set up payment but when I go to support form they required FTP account to support I didn’t know what it is it? I sent messege to fanpage and email. I didn’t get any answer too. It like a scam. And right now I can’t set up payment for my website. It’s like a joke

FTP account is the your website File manager access. So that the author team can make necessary change for you. You can get FTP information from your cpanel or from the hosting support. If you like you can ask them the guideline what need to chnage so that you can make the changes from your side (your own dev team).


Remember that configuration/set-up/installation is not covered by the support. The author has rights to refuse your request.

Refer the documentation first. It should have enough information for the configuration/set-up

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