Transparency submenu

Good morning
I can not remove on my WordPress latest version of the transparency to the submenu that I do not want
Kind regards

Hi @nsggroup,

Welcome to the forums! Please remove the “jQuery updater” plugin, it causes problems by embedding the most recent jQuery version. It’s not needed for now as many plugins are still using previous releases of jQuery.


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Thanks now it works is obviously to be corrected in the colors but it works.
See any other problems in my site?
Thank you very much

I’m sorry I have problems with the gallery do not show

OK now it works was the problem of before I use Simply Lightbox Gallery should I buy the Pro version?

It’s difficult to tell what’s the cause of other problems, you may need to contact theme author about it.

If your theme was purchased on ThemeForest, here’s how to contact them:

If the Simply Lightbox Gallery has all the features you currently need, you can keep current version. “Pro” update usually adds some extra stuff to a standard plugin, so it’s best to check out the list of new features and decide whether you need them or not :slight_smile:


ok quite right
thank you