Translate Widgets and Theme-Specific areas with WPML.. Is it possible?

I installed WMPL and I am able to translate the main pages of my purchased theme without a problem. However, translating the Top Header content (additional text area) and the Footer Text widgets is an issue because the Top header content is inserted within the Theme Options Menue (Redux) and there is only one available field for all languages (no multi language option) so essentially I can only put one language in for these elements that are specific to the theme ?!

How about the footer widgets? I am able to switch the language with the widgets which have a custom menu in them but for the text widgets I can’t really add additional languages.

How do you fully translate a theme if there are theme specific areas which don’t have a field for translation?

Thanks for your kind advice

It’s possible to translate text strings from Theme Options (using “String Translation” add-on for WPML) if theme author included proper wpml-config.xml in the root of the theme or uses “icl_register_string” and “icl_t” functions to output data. Otherwise the theme isn’t a 100% compatible with WPML. Is compatibility specified on item description page?


Thanks for your answer !! really appreciate it. On the theme page it says that the theme is WPML compatible. I just ask myself how I can translate items that are modified in the Theme Settings section as it is not switchable to languages. There is only one version where I can put the content for the footer for example. Is it a solution to simply clone the page using backupbuddy and translate the copy and link it to the page? Does a replica of the page hurt the SEO of the website?


It’s better to ask theme author. All translatable strings must be available at WPML > String Translation screen. P.S. And it doesn’t hurt SEO.