Transitions Pack With Elements Account

Hi There,

I want to buy an elements plan then I want to download below transition pack. Can I do that? And Can I see all products same with individual accounts I mean Elements accounts can download whatever they want and there is not a limitation correct? I am a student and I will buy elements for students.

Is there a download limitation in a time interval by the way?

Thanks in Advance.

On Elements you can only download the items that are on elements, not everything that is on videohive. There are a good portion of the videohive items available on Elements, but not all of them.

The item you mentioned is NOT available on elements.

Check out what video templates are on Elements before you subscribe:

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Oh thats the answer that i search. Thank you so much but I am upset because now elements is uselss for me :frowning: thank you so much for your quick answer.

have a nice day.