Transitions Pack Hard Rejected.Need Advides...

Our new Ring Transitions Pack is hard rejected by VideoHive Review Team.
We`ve got automaticlly generated feedback ..After reviewing the animation, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive's strict quality and originality standards...

This one is going to end up other marketplaces, but please help with your advices for our future projects that we will submit here.

Kind Regards

Modeling and light is quite decent, but animation is quite bad. Improve the animation part.

I agree with EFEKT_Studio that the animations are way off. I especially don’t like the way the ring animates out of the frame, IMO it animates out way too fast, and sometimes in a weird direction as well, making the transition feel rushed instead of smooth.

Nice model and reflections on the ring though.

Thank you for useful suggestions!

Thank you for spent time and comment.