Transitions not working ("error parsing properties list from memory")

Hello sir,

[Error parsing properties list from memory] 1100 transitions I bought are not working. HELP!


Hey @Davidorleaveit,

This is a bug with Adobe After Effects. I’d suggest reading through this discussion on the Adobe Forums for possible solutions:

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Dear Herbert,

This issue is happening when working in premiere and trying to start my new purchased 1100 transitions. [Error parsing properties list from memory] is all I can read
Please help me set up my system to actually use your fantastic product


Open a Envato Help ticket Here


Oh, sorry. Still try the solutions in that link, they may work because Premiere Pro and After Effects share a lot of plugin functionality.

Oh please don’t send me links to new subscriptions. Please help me with the [Error parsing properties list from memory] issue in premiere, caused by activating your product 1100 transitions in premiere

I already mimimized the ram for other apps, rebooted and so on. No result. So that’s my affort. Now a specific route to my solution would be working best in this case. Please help me find this