Transition Pack FCPX -Rejected! Give an assessment and recommendation of my work.

I did the Transition Pack for FCPX, a lot of quality transitions. There are also no ordinary and interesting transitions. But I got a hard rejected. Please watch my preview and tell me your recommendations.
Here is a link to my video preview.

You purchased my item with FCPX 344 transitions 7 months ago. You should at least have made package variations that today contain 800+ effects.

Hello, yes, I bought your product. But I did not copy anything from there. I used your product, but I saw that many transitions were missing for me, so I decided to make my own package. And if you watched my video, you noticed that there are a lot of transitions that are not in your package.
And in almost all my transitions, I used techniques different from yours to make my transitions faster for rendering.

I think you yourself were inspired by the works of other people before you make your product, and you have a lot of transitions similar to other masters, but I think you did not copy the goods from them and did not just put your name.
P.S. Of course, I opened some of your transitions to see how you achieved the result, but I did not copy anything.
I am grateful to you that you created your product and he taught me something.

If you want, I will give you a link to my Transition packa and you will see for yourself.

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Dear AleFx, I regularly download your updates, I know perfectly well that you now have 800+.
But unfortunately, many of your conversions are made just for the quantity and your package grows too much because of this, but it loses in quality.
In my product, I try to make the maximum number of different transitions. Since I myself have been a videographer with 15 years of experience, I am testing all my transitions on real jobs for my clients. Bad and not interesting transitions I do not include in my package.

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For example: why make 50 monotonous transitions, when it was possible to make 10 transitions with different options. The same problem with the Brush Transition and others.
I just decided to share my own observations too, perhaps this will help you to make better products and not to chase the quantity of transition.

If you look, you will see that the item has been the best seller for FCPX for months. At the moment the market requires quantity with quality, otherwise you will not have so many sales. So if you buy a bundle of transitions from Premiere, you’ll see that neither options nor transitions have them. They are at most 250 transitions with time variations and thus result in more than 1000 transitions. You keep on top is not easy, even more so nowadays where there are so many making copies of each other.

I agree with you, many people react to advertising messages like 1000+, etc.
Therefore, I try to invent new spectacular and not ordinary transitions.
Once again, I want to assure you that I did not copy anything from your package, but was inspired by transitions for After Effects, and also came up with some of my unique transitions.
For example, in the style of Stop Motion, Photo Shot, as well as with the use of particles.
I also significantly improved the style of the Brush Transition, because the standard transitions with a brush seemed to me too boring.
I understand, you look at me as a competitor in the first place, but I am for fair competition. Therefore, I guarantee you that I will not copy anything from you, but I will look for my own style.
All the best to you.

Your pack is really good and I have no idea why it was not approved.

1000+ packs are good in terms of marketing, but I think it is fair to make title like “1000+ Transitions”, only when you actually have 1000+ transitions included, but not 500 transitions + 500 titles, footages, sfx and other effects.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. While I’ll continue to fill the Pack, I’ll send it again later.

In Premiere the +1000 items have 250 transitions and since they can not add options or change the duration, they make 3 copies of each transition … Resulting in 4 time variations. Then they add the RGB effect to each of them, and then gain 4 more transitions. Comparing with FCPX, we can not be behind, since we have options in almost 100% of the transitions, in a single transition it is possible to make several changes, so you will arrive at at least 3 more transitions of each one. Then justice be done. If a packet has 500+ FCPX transitions, it will have well over +1000 quality transitions. Not to mention the other effects that can be added as bonuses. If there was something “wrong” in doing so, today those packages that remain for more than a year at the top due to the number of transitions and options would not be the best-selling and well-evaluated. The buyer would complain and the others would do the same, causing the item to sell almost nothing.

Okay, then following your logic, if I have for example point zoom transition with OSC where I can place a target at any pixel, then the number of transitions will be 1920*1080=2073600 and it means I have 2kk+ transitions pack with only one transition?

It will reclaim Premiere members who make 4 copies of each transition.