Transferring data from various sites onto my own

Anyone know how I can transfer data from someone’s site and automatically publish it on my site? I’d like to transfer multiple property listings from various sites onto mine.

Hi @Propertytofix

If those websites have a RSS feed, you could import the RSS feeds in your website, using an automatic RSS importer.

Otherwise, you’ll have to scrape the data using automatic or manual scrappers. Also, you should pay attention to those websites terms of use, to check if using their data on third party websites is allowed.

If yes. on codecanyon you can find find some useful RSS automatic importers.

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If they’re listings on the MLS I’d suggest using a plugin like Optima Express. That way you can add and IDX real estate search and MLS property listings directly to your website.

Even if it’s allowed, we generally advise against scraping. It’s no good for SEO - it’s so much better to write your own content whenever possible.

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