transferring a purchase code to the customer + support question

hello, unfortunately I didn’t find anything on the offical helppage on themeforest or in the forum.
so i hope for help on this way.

In 2017 we bought a magento template with which we built a webshop for a customer. Afterwards we have bought the same tempate also for other projects. Now i have it several times in my downloads…

Question 1:
We have currently bought the same template and now the support is available for another 5 months. It is strange that this is also available when you click on the same template bought in 2017 in the downloads. Does this mean that the support for all templates of the same type is renewed as soon as you buy the same template or that only applies to the current one?

Question 2:
the customer from 2017 now wants to manage the webshop himself and therefore he wants the purchase code from us so he can renew the support. is that possible?
as far as I know, this is tied to our company name. is it possible to transfer this to the customer’s account? i dont want to give him our account details as we are managing several tasks for other customers there.

I hope I was able to describe our questions precisely and I am grateful for any help.


Hi @oliver_1234,

  1. you have purchased another one license forthe same product. so, you have gotten 6 month author support for that item. now yu can ask author support for the item under the envato market support policy.

  2. no, it is not possible. only original purchaser account are eligable to get author support, download product update, renew support etc.


Many thanks for your quick help. :relaxed: :wave: