Transfer subscribtion

Hi, We are resellers and Bought subscription after having payment issues but now subscription is linked to our account and not our customers. I Urgently need help to transfer this subscription to our customer.

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Sorry about this issue.
You can’t do that.

Still any query get in touch with Envato Elements Help Center they would like to assist you.


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Is it then possible to cancel and get a refund. We only paid yesterday and have not used it at all?

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I think you can get refund but before refund don’t download anything.
contact with support team they will help you.

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How do I contact them? no one is getting back to me?

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envato elements support team is the right team to assist you for all of your concerned issues. Please wait they will get back to you as quickly they can. They will help you to solve your issues. Thanks

Thank you!!

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Keep patience hope they will reply to you soon.
Envato market don’t have any live chat or instant customer reply service! they replied people their ticket queue wise one by one.

It’s worth noting (to prevent future issues) reselling “as is” items that have not been used in custom work is not allowed under any license from envato

Hi’ thank you for the the reply. Unfortunately for a novice this does not make sense at all…

Any item you buy needs to be used as part of a different project or customised eg using a theme to build a website for a client or a photoshop action to make a poster

You cannot buy an item and then sell it on exactly as it is when you buy it

There are also other restrictions around having separate licenses per project etc that you should make sure you are clear on or else you are likely to run into all sorts of problems access and using items

In honesty it’s never a good idea for anyone except the end user to buy an item due to the fact that support and updates will only ever be accessible to the purchasing account

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