Transfer License!

I have a client that I develop a system with metronic. As part of my service I include the price of the license. How can I buy their license in a way of credit or gift card to them, so they can create their envato account, purchase and get all the benefits of updates and support…

To get all the benefits of updates and support your client have to purchase a license of the theme from their own account.

How do I purchase an item?


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The short answer is you cannot do that - as @mgscoder has explained, your client needs to setup their own Envato Account, and purchase the theme/script directly themselves to get all the updates and benefits of support from the author concerned.

Otherwise it will always be you who then has the only rights to updates.

I understand that, but there is no way to buy any credits for that account or some sort of gift card, as I include the prices of the purchase with the service that I did for them…

Do you guys accept mastercard or visa prepaid cards?

What I would suggest is that YOU offer your clients a Gift Card (or discount) saying that you have allowed them up to X amount of dollars to make their own purchase on the Envato Marketplace. Envato do not do gift cards themselves.

Do you know if envato accept mastercard or visa prepaid cards, for purchases?


Tells you precisely what card payments are accepted.

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