Transfer customer's review & license after resubmission

Hi, I’m new here.

I uploaded my first item a day ago but because some reasons, i had to delete it to resubmit it. There was a customer who purchased my item and gave me a 5-stars review. After successful resubmission, my item is like a new item, no review, no sale.

So, is there a way to transfer that customer review and license to the resubmitted item?

Thank in advance!

There won’t be a to be honest you are very lucky to have been able to resubmit a deleted item which goes against the author agreement.

I see.
Nothing was wrong with my item, i just wanted to change its categories.

no, there is no chance for this. Current item is your new item and your customer didn’t purchased this one, purchased your deleted one.

for category change no need to delete item and upload newly. Just need to contact envato support with explaination why you need to change category and request them to change the category.


I did it with a great help from Envato support. The person who supported me said that WordPress has its own high-level category and so he can’t simply change it. The only option would be to delete this item and then resubmit under the correct category.

So, there’s no way. Thank for your response!

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