Transfer a license from an url to another in the same account


I hope you can help me with a problem that occurs to me.

Let me explain:
I’m a freelance graphic designer and use mainly Uncode theme for all my projects.

I have bought Uncode 6 times already. I do not transfer the licenses to the clients (I do the updates and maintenance for them).

The 6th project with Uncode was aborted (let’s call him “client A”) : the site has just been a landing page for +/-2 months, in July & August.
So 3 days ago I “de-registered the product” in “client A” WP’s backoffice and deleted the theme from his hosting.

Now I have a new project, with «client B», on another hosting, and I want to use the last Uncode theme I’ve bought. I’ve created a new token etc. but when I try to register it in WP it says “Invalid response”.

I read it was possible to transfer licenses from an url to another, so I don’t understand that “invalid response”, what do I miss ?

I own that license and I bought it with my envato account.

Is there any way to make this work ?

Any help would be really appreciated…

Contact the theme author. They should help you