Training Workbook Template Needed

Looking for a training workbook template that can be used for printed workbooks for corporate training. This will be reused for several different training topics-looking for a template that can be easily customized and printed in MSWord.

Only you know what you need to include so it will need to be you who researches it.

This is the best category probably: although you need to be careful because MS Word is not a professional way to do this so not that many items will contain a Word version.

FYI it is going to be unlikely that somehtign in Word, regardless of how good the authors here are, is always going to be that effective, easy or functional to edit - hence why done properly you should be looking at using alternatives

What alternative do you suggest?

InDesign files would give you the best choice of quality products - it comes down to what you are delivering and how you need that to reflect the business.

You will never get the quality of InDesign creative from a MS Office program (hence why Adobe etc. exist) and honestly you may find it even more complicated and frustrating.

If you are not familiar with InDesign etc. then there may be a bit of a learning curve but it’s not rocket science

If you follow that link and compare the items which are pure InDesign .v. those that have a Word format you will see the difference in terms of choice and quality

Thank you… Your feedback is appreciated