Trailer Titles template rejected

This template got rejected , please provide your feedback

I am hoping to get some opinions on this template

Hello SGcreations,
Sorry for your rejection. As I see, your template is little bit boring. And text looks a little bit outdated. If you can add more effective text presets and editing tips for this you can level up it highly. Other think is background explosion footage. because that explosion footage is must be unique. other thing is colors. don’t change colors as you mind. keep doing one theme for your template. following the best authors and get ideas for you next future template.
Thank you
~Motion :fox_face:

Hi. First of all I think is too slow and needs more visual punch from one text to another. You can do some part slow but that must be the preparation for the fast visual rhythm that has to be super eye catching. I´m not a trailers expert, I only have one in my portfolio, but all I can give you is my humble opinion, I hope it helps.
Good Luck!!

Hey, sorry for the rejection… I would add more different text layouts, cause now it’s just two (technically just one, and another one with added explosion in background)… With variations in color… So once you have like 10-20 of different text layouts/designs and listen to other comments tips hopefully you’ll have a better chance of getting accepted! :slight_smile: Best of luck, don’t give up!