Trailer Music sales?

I’ve noticed a lot of music tagged as trailer music doesn’t follow the 3 act structure normally required (so i’ve been led to believe) by trailer companies and all seem to be sold at prices a lot cheaper than trailer music usually gets licensed for.

Has anyone actually sold music here used for trailers? Or is this not really the place for that sort of thing?

A trailer can have any type of music and yes, they sell by the thousands here.

check these guys out:, &


A trailer can have any type of music but they all follow a certain structure. Like I say, a lot of the music tagged as Trailer Music doesn’t follow that structure.

Thanks, will check them out.

There many tracks that actually was used in official trailers of big budget products like some video games or movies.
But it wasn’t the situation like one track runs through all 2:30 minutes of trailer.
It’s usually 3-4 tracks cut in 30-40 second pieces.
But I think that in low budget product area if track doesn’t follow that “classic” trailer structure it’s even better,because track becomes more universal,diverse and can support more videos.
If a big company want’s music that will perfectly match the video than they most probably will call for the some of the best out there.Just like it was with Harry Potter and John Williams :slight_smile:

Well yeah, obviously for the big things they’ll go to big Trailer companies (two steps from hell etc) but I figured there’s a lot of other smaller projects out there that will still follow the same guidelines.

I’m very new to the game, but I followed the Evenant Trailer course (and chatted to people over on Gearslutz and VI control) and they all seem to think that Trailers follow a strict structure.

I will start writing more generic tracks following AABA, AAA structures and such, but so far I’ve been doing purely Trailer Music.