Trail version for Super Store Finder

I am a member of a non-profit photo club. For our website we want to use the Super Store Finder plugin to collect interesting photographing locations.
We are particularly interested in the possibilities where members can pass on an interesting photographing location with accompanying nice pictures that are stored in the wordpress database.
The location is not published until the administrator has approved it. After which the location becomes visible within a user specified radius of the search location. And the pictures are publisched on a dedicated page.

Before we buy the plugin, we first want to test whether it is sufficiently user-friendly for the administrator. The solution that is now being used requires a lot of overtyping.

Is there a possibility to test the plugin before we have to purchase a license.

Look forward to your feeback. Regards Peter

Hello @aitpeter

You can ask the author of the plugin directly in the comment section of the product. They (the author) will be able to assist!

Thanks, I’ve posted my question in the comments section. Fingers crossed.

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