Traffic Codecanyon down - Worry about the authors

I check traffic for the site Codecanyon : The traffic is 934K

And for to Element: The traffic is 4.470M

Pretty sure it’s lower than ~1M for the last month at CodeCanyon but where do you get the data, if you don’t mind me to ask?

That’s Similarweb which is known to exaggerate numbers

I am certain that envato don’t give Similarweb true access to this data so the comparison in terms of size is interesting but the accuracy of the actual figures is not something to rely on.

Regardless of the discussed marketing of elements, I’d expect traffic to a subscription site that covers so many categories to be significantly more than that to a site which only caters and appeals to one or a few of the same audiences.

It’s not only about the volume of visits (also the screenshots above are “search” not total) - it’s about who those people are and the conversion that it leads to

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Hello chalie,

They provide quite reputable traffic services and pay monthly Of course it can’t be 100% correct but it is very relatively correct. You can learn about They use tricks to scrape data

You can access it

I thought it’s official data …

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