Traditional website built on shopify platform

Hi Everyone,

So i wanted to help finding a theme i can add to shopify. I need to sell a couple of products and i like the shopify platform, however, i don’t want the page to be all about products because that’s now what we do or offer. I also don’t want to create two seperate website, on for information and one for products.

My hopes is to build a very traditional website with pages that go over all the services our company offers and have that be the main function of the site. However, when i look around the shopify themes it seems like every single one of them are built around selling, products, categories and it’s the same thing over and over again.

Any thoughts of any themes i’m completely missing. A theme that’s just like a regular website but with a “shop” link to a few products after you’re done looking through the main page.

With that said, i still want modern features… For example, i love the Ella theme, especially the gymuso front page layout… i just would like those to be links to pages instead of products. But then when i click on shop, to have that same layout show-up again. so a site within a site if that makes sense.

Hope to hear from some of you with suggestions / recommendations.

Thank you in advance.

You can always make custom theme with design by your needs, but you need to prepare that is not cheap.