Trademark and Copyright Titles

I have uploaded an item, “Winter Sports Ident”, as I have been told by Envato in the past that it was against the rules when I wanted to use World Cup and FIFA as part of the title of football items a few years ago and now I noticed that there are items when searching items on Audiojungle called Olympic Games and BEIJING Winter Olympics.

Is this now allowed? I have contacted support and if it is I would like to change the title on my item.

Does anybody know the answer to this?

Is this abuse of the trusted update process to change the title after the item has been initially reviewed with a standard title name?

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It looks like not allowed kind of trusted update.

Theoretically the first item could have been uploaded before introducing the title copyrighted trademark policy.

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This is what I suspected since the item has an update shortly of the creation date. Will Envato investigate as I have contacted support or will the “cheaters” get away with shenanigans yet again.


Is “Olympic Games” a trademark though?

I understand how anything FIFA related is a big no-no. But Olympic Games is not a brand, is it?

Probably they will after your request. Probably.

I’ve asked myself same question.

I agree with you to question “Olympic” however do a search for FIFA or World Cup and you will see some infringements which would land Envato into legal trouble as explained to me by support when Brazil World Cup back in 2014.

«Olympic Games» is a olympic property and all rights belong exclusively to the IOC. I remember titles including olympic was rejected before the Olympic Games in Rio.


Good to know. And a bit sad.

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I’ll add that on Codecanyon, you obviously won’t be allowed to make a new item named “Revolution Slider” or anything similar, I know this cannot be translated to AudioJungle, but you can bear that in mind too. Trademarks and copyrights are everywhere and should be avoided at most. Still, being original, like having a nickname in an item title and Winter Sports Indent Impression would be fine right?

I would imagine that is pefectly fine

I have sporting items such as:

Championship Finale
Rio Sporting Drums
The Brazilian (lol)

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Concluding what you need to safeguard and how much is dependent upon you. You can have a brand, however choose not to safeguard that brand by enlisting it as a brand name. In the event that you decide not to enroll your image as a brand name, notwithstanding, anybody could abuse your image or make a brand so like yours that individuals can’t differentiate between them. Thus, regardless of whether buyers need to buy your items or administrations since they trust your image’s standing, that client could buy another person’s accidentally on the grounds that they can’t differentiate between the brand names.

Hopefully your problem will be resolved soon by the relevant parties

Good Luck Always

Well what do you know…nothing happened to tracks using “Olympics” in the title that infringe copyright and trademark names.

It seems that Envato has really given up on AudioJungle.

Hi! I missed this thread when it first started - I’ve just raised it with our Integrity team.

Specific to the Olympics, the IOC has very broad ownership of all the “olympic properties” described here. Essentially, unless you’re a current official partner of the IOC, you should not use any of the listed olympic properties in the branding of your items.

If you see items on the marketplace that do so, the best way of reporting these is via a ticket with Envato Author Support.

Please note that all support resources have been stretched extremely thin over the last few months, though - priority has gone to urgent tickets concerning Russian sanctions and Ukraine aid payments, affecting around one in five authors.