TrackVato: Live Sales Tracker for Popular Files!

Hey Guys!

Guess what’s coming back! The Live Sales Tracker for the Popular Files and we are calling it TrackVato! And yes it is inspired completely by TrackForest .

Live Tracking the Hourly Sales for Popular Files. Updates every 15 Minutes. Preview:

It uses the Latest Envato API. The Good Thing is TrackVato is not limited only to ThemeForest! :smiley:

TrackVato is Live here: .

SemiColonWeb Team.


Awesome! Can’t wait to see it in action! :rocket:

@scottwills Thanks. :smile:

Awesome ! Good Job !

Looks promising! Keep up your awesome work :smiley:

Superb! Thanks @SemiColonWeb, looking forward to seeing it live :smiley:

Thanks Guys! Looking forward to your Feedback when it gets Live! :smile:

Great to hear from you guys. @SemiColonWeb is their a mailing list that I can subscribe to, to get notified of the release?

@KenulJain Thanks Kenul! :smile: . We do not have a Mailing List at the moment! We will Update here once it is Live! :smile:

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Wow! Can’t wait to see how it looks like…

Hi Guys!

TrackVato is Live now at . Currently we are recording sales only for ThemeForest but will expand depending upon how the New API acts up since we did encounter some occasional hiccups with the API on Envato’s end. Sales Counter updates every 15 Minutes.

TrackVato ofcourse is just an experiment and Feedbacks/Suggestions are welcome so that we can improve it further! Hopefully you guys like it!

Thanks & Regards,
SemiColonWeb Team.


@SemiColonWeb I’m glad to see this working finaly :). Good job.

Here are some sugestions to improve it. It would be awesome to see the listing the same way is listed in popular list.

Like this…

You could also ad trending arows for better to see how the day worked for the item.

You could verify if the price has changed and point if that item was on sale or not.
The day when he started trending and when it ended.

You could also provide charts like thisone