Tracks rejected - one previously accepted! - feedback please.

I’d be grateful for any feedback on these tracks which have just been rejected. I got the ‘does not meet the general commercial quality standard required’ response. Garage jazz was accepted a few years ago - I deleted it and had it checked out in a pro studio to include it with the new ones. Also Piano in the Park was previously published and has had some modest use, particularly in Japan for some reason.
I’ve heard people talk on this forum about AJ being for bland, corporate stuff and not for anything at all edgy or arty so in a way I’d like that to be the reason! But if people hear production issues I hope to learn from that.
By the way people talk about ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ rejections. Neither was mentioned in my email. What is the difference?
The link to the tracks is here in case my embedding doesn’t work:

Many thanks in advance for your comments.

Hi @Cumusic,

I think ‘Garage Jazz’ is a great composition, I like it very much, but the problem I think is the viability in terms of commercial value… it’s very difficult to sell jazzy tracks, it must be more commercial, also if the quality of your music is great! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your positive feedback. I guess it’s difficult to see where and how Garage Jazz might be used. Any new stuff needs to be written with a particular usage in mind.