Tracks rejected, need a bit of help!

Hi everyone, I’m new to the whole library music game and my first couple of tracks have been rejected saying they don’t “meet the general commercial quality standard” Does that mean they don’t like the piece itself or is it just a problem with the mix/audio quality?

If anyone fancies giving this one a listen and give me some ideas of where I’m going wrong that’d be really nice! Thanks a lot

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a stock response that doesn’t mean all that much. There don’t seem to be any rules as to why some stuff is rejected, but other stuff is approved. I’ve heard some really great tracks that have been rejected and some pretty awful ones that have been approved.

I really like your track, it’s kind of off-beat and out of the ordinary, but by the same token that might be the very reason it’s been rejected. One thing I would say is that I have been advised that fade outs are a no-no for library music, so maybe that might be something to address going forward.

I’m hardly a seasoned pro, but I hope that helps in some way.



Nice track and feel :slight_smile:
Tried to pretend to be a random judge and and I got to 45 seconds and pressed stop and now I’m typing. I’d guess the reviewer didn’t reach 45 seconds. As there is absolutely nothing wrong with the track (in my opinion) musically or technically, I’d say it may not suit a pre-judged definition of a stock music track. If that 45 seconds took just 15 seconds to evolve into the full bass track, it may be different?

I know nothing of course :wink:

Thanks for the advice guys!