Tracks rejected more often after joining a PRO?

Hi friends,

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that my tracks are getting rejected more often since I joined the Performing Rights Organization BMI. Does anybody else have this experience?

Here are just 2 tracks from the many that got rejected and the explanation was that the composition, mixing and mastering standard is not good enough. Appreciate your thoughts!

Towards My Dream:

Perfect Day:

Tracks Very good! But they are absolutely right, there is no commercial value.

Tracks are very long. I advise you to do from 2 to 3 minutes, with the development and culmination. the most intense.

With the composition, mastering, mixing and no problems, the form is not commercial. I advise you to do a little intro, chorus Good purse, then the pit, and again the chorus

ps. sorry for my english)))

Hi and thanks for the reply!

Those are the full versions of the tracks as they are on my YouTube channel. When I submitted them to Audio Jungle I created and submited 3 different versions of each track. Full Version / Short Version / Audio Logo


Those tracks are awesome! Can’t believe that they were rejected :frowning:
Maybe the reviewers just find a song that go to the point in less than 30 seconds (not a really long build up in the start). For me, your ambient music are amazing. If those were rejected here then I believe there are many other markets that want to accept your music. Keep make the beautiful music! :wink:

Can you let us listen to the shorter versions optimised for AJ that you submitted?

Тhank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my post and music and thanks very much for your feedback! I am very happy that you enjoy my music! Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Thanks very much for your reply! I did not keep the Short Versions and the Audio Logos after they were Hard Rejected as it was clear that they did not find them suitable for Audio Jungle so I deleted them. Thanks again for your reply and I wish you Happy Holidays!