Track with ukulele rejected

Track rejected.

Good evening, I sent a trail, but it was rejected. Can someone help me understand the possible reason for rejection?

Thank you.

Can someone help me?

Hi @cubestudiocg, I’m guessing the reason for rejection is almost entirely due to the quality of the instruments you’ve used. The whistle in particular sounds very unrealistic.

My advice would be just to try and make everything sound more natural. Find a better whistle VST if you can, or if not then try a different instrument for the melody. For this style I would suggest a glockenspiel, or a mallet instrument like a marimba.

One other thing you could do for more realism is to use a Room reverb to try to get all the instruments to sound like they are in the same space. At the moment you have a mix of different reverbs. For example the break with the claps and kick drum; the kick is completely dry but the claps have lots of reverb. If you send all the instruments to a bus with a small/medium sized room reverb, this would help a lot.

Good luck!


Hi @AlisterBunclark, thank you so much for the tips, I’ll try these changes. I’m starting now in this field, I hope to have good results in the future with your valuable tips. one more time, thank you.

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