Track Whistle Reject,


I did not understand the reason for this rejection, could anyone give me some opinion? :persevere:


Does not Track have a good idea for Sale? :confused:


Good track! think dismissed due to the fact that a lot of repeats.


There is lack of variation. Rearrange it with a “B part” and it will work


Hello @WSO-MusicForMedia,
As the tune appeared on my mind after listen to your track. I have a little idea about the chord progression.
You can make the first cycle: G B7/D#-Em - C - D and then G B7/D# - Em -C -Cm in time 4/4 and swing feel.
It sound good to me friend. Try this. Maybe a big sale. LOL :sunglasses:


Thanks for this tip friend @LongXmusic !
I’ll try this form of chord progression!


Would be a good idea too!