Track was rejected. Please Help!

Track was rejected because of the “general commercial quality standard”.
What’s wrong with my mix.Give me advice please.

I wish i could help you.I know how frustrating it is when you work on something and then you have it rejected.It sound very good in my year.Did you checked for mistakes?

what do you mean? I do not quite understand. I need some sort of analyzer?

It seems to me that the problem is not in mixing. I could not determine for myself what kind of genre it was. At first I thought it was a cinematic when I heard the epic drums at 0:04. At 0:08 my assumptions began to be confirmed, but at 0:13 I already doubted, as the harmony began to detect major lights. At 0:16 I’m already completely confused. Synthesizer in the spirit of “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” Pink Floyd, drums (which sound cool by the way, apparently because it’s your instrument)) The track is accompanied by ambient / cinematic effects, strings, and has a rather positive sound. The music itself is very good, but it seems difficult to use it commercially.