Track titles that start with "this" or "the"

I’ve seen a lot of tracks here (and elsewhere actually) where the title begins with “This” or “The”. (Hypothetical examples: This Indie Pop, The Inspiration, This Dubstep, The Corporate Opener, The drums.)

Is this something people are doing as some kind of search engine optimization hack or is it just a naming quirk with no supposed or real benefit? If it’s the former, does it work? I don’t know why it would, but I always assumed that was the reason. I’ve also seen people using the names of top 40 songs (but not sounding anything like them) and I can see that at least getting more views, not sure how this/the does that other than just being a common word.

It’s a way of using the same key tag word (e.g., epic) in many different titles and still have the same search result. For instance, “The Epic” “This Epic” “Epic This” all use the powerful tag “Epic” in the search, yet they are easier for the author to book keep what each track is without impacting negatively to the search.

Regarding using Top 40 song names that don’t fit the track…not good for anyone.

you can not call two items in the same way.
If you have two items that you want call for example Indie Rock, you can use The or This.

All the best!

This is just because of the search engine which now is based on title more than on tags…
In the end this looks totally unprofessional, and I hate the way I am slowly naming my tracks as well… yes I could use nice titles like I used to do on other platforms… but then I’ll be invisible…
(ok I am already totally invisible so who cares anyways :))