Track title gone too far?

This track was featured but the title seems a bit over the top. So should we all be doing this?

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I think the title all by itself is worth the feature spot.


I love this. I’m going to start using all 30 tags in my titles.

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And so it begins. I’m actually thinking about testing this out now…

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haha that’s memorable

Ok, so the other day I got a soft reject because I had 5 words in the title, and was told to get it down to 4.

And now I see this crap - and it was featured?

WTF? Are there even any rules here?

once upon a time I tried “inspiring the inspiration to inspire the motivation”. it was rejected.


Just so you know, titles like this are (mostly) only effective if you have 1,000-2,000+ sales on a track.

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This is made my day :joy::joy::joy:

It’s not the title it had when it was featured. People are using trusted update to change track titles after they’ve been featured or made it into the best sellers list.

I can’t help feeling that this practice could easily be stopped with the best sellers at any rate by Envato intervening. And as has been pointed out it probably doesn’t give any advantage if the track is not a best seller.

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I think with such names, Buyers will be unable to find such an item in the search :unlock:
Brevity is the Soul of Wit :nerd_face: