Track similar to I've got the power by Snap



I’m in search of a track with a similar style and feel to the one in the following link. (but without vocals)

Something with some musical breaks and something that is not the same throughout, and a clear ending. About 60 seconds, or something that could be cut to that length.




This may be not an exact match but still a powerful hi-energy electronic track:

Also available in a bundle at 50% off.

MikS Music


Hi,Grunze,Please check this sound,

Thankyou and Goodluck for you :slight_smile:


Hello grunze!
Perhaps these tracks will be of interest to you:

Thank you.



Here some of my work that could work for your needs.

  1. Example 1 | 60 Sec.
  2. Example 2 | 56 Sec.
  3. Example 3 | 50 Sec.

Thank you and good luck with the project.


Hi. Glad to be of service.

  1. Black Street Dance 3

  2. Step 2


Hi, Grunze!

Listen to this tracks:

Good luck! :slight_smile:



Hi grunze! We think you should have a listen to this:

<a href=>- Urban Escape

Try to sing the word of “I got the Power” over it: incredibly match :smiley:

Also, look here:

<a href=>- Hypersonic Synth Theme

- Electronic Soft House Music

If need edit, please let us know: it’s free!