Track rejection!!! Need guidence...

Hi guys…new here so my first track got rejected and they were not so clear why it got reject and i was hoping i could get some answers here.


Hi ! First of all do not worry about rejections, they are part of the job and you will learn in time to accept them or at least not to be affected by them! To go back to the composition, some elements are quite obvious to understand why your music was rejected. Your arp and your melody are not in the tone, you will have to find a melody with notes already present in your chords or to find a melody which is in the tone of your track (I think you have to learn some basic of music theory, you can easily find some explanation on it on you tube or whatever)! I will also say that the whole sounds pretty robotic, so I advise you to compensate, play with velocities and so on or try some basic sound design ( again you can find some answer on youtube ). I do not think the structure is adapted to the audio jungle market. Try to inspire you with top sellers, you will see that the structure of their track are quite codified and qualified. In your work, I think you will have to fully integrate the idea that your music, must match the expectations of the stock music market. This does not mean that you have to renounce your artistic sensibility (on the contrary) but that you must find a compromise between what you like to produce and integrate it into your track dedicated to stock music. I wish you good luck and do not worry, just work and continue to do the best you can :slight_smile:


Thank you for your time and i will surely work on to improve the quality of my track.

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