Track rejection analysis

Hello everyone. So this track was rejected and I am not sure why. Could you please comment on this and share your honest opinions?

Thank you all in advance

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Hi ElaniqMusic - Great sound for the most part and very entertaining piece. A very polished performance!
I do have some ideas regarding the rejection:

  • the distortion guitars are a bit too loud relative to the rest of the mix
  • the bridges stray too far from the central hook for a stock production track. The audience would be surprised by the changes
  • a combination of too much repetition and multiple bridges make this too long for the community of video producers.

I think if you try cutting it down to a single theme with subtle changes and variations and less repetition, you’ll have a great, high energy track for fun videos.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much MidnightSnap! Your ideas are very interesting and I will definitely apply them for the next tracks. Original email states that quality does not comply. I just can’t find reasons for this. Only standing out dist guitars would be a bit strange reason for rejection I think. But maybe I’m wrong.

Hey there,

This is a nice track with some cool ideas. I agree with what @midnightsnap said regarding the bridges – this is too much of a “song” structure, and is rather counterproductive when it comes to background music.

However, imho, the issue is with the production itself. Not that there is anything really wrong with it but for me it sounds too thin and not gritty enough. It has a clinical, sterile touch, lacking character, that “analogue warmth” and punch you would expect from retro music. In other words, it’s not expressive enough.

This can be partly due to mixing (low mids), partly due to the choice of rooms/reverbs, partly due to lack of saturation/distortion and finally also a matter of compression.

To illustrate the difference, here is a track from my portfolio with a similar approach to yours

Also, like @midnightsnap said, it’s best to focus on one strong hook per track and making cool variations of it - this balance of simplicity and variation is the key to a great background track!

Hope this helps, good luck!


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  • I can hear the phase issue on hi hats. Maybe you have overused some stereo imager?
  • sometimes left guitar is to loud. Volume automation could help


I think the main reason is a lack of main melody. Right guitar is playing some melodies, but not always and it’s further in mix than riff.
I mean, this is great for a background music in my opinion. But it looks like reviewers have to reject backgroundish music without melody, a lot of folks have a rejections because of that.

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Thanks my friend! Your comment is very valuable. I have listened to your track and I like it and it definitely clarifies the approach you were talking about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks RedOctopus! Great point. I will definitely take and use it for further production. Thank you very much!

Hi! It’s really nice track) I like this mood, but I think your drums are sounding not good (like MIDI), especially hats.
Also you should to improve your skills in mixing and to make a more commercial sound)
good luck)

nice track, keep going and you’ll get it
just keep uploading

Thank you very much! Your words are appreciated.

Thanks cube_music. I have to agree with you since I now hear that lack of compression (as was stated before) makes the drums sound thin. Thank you very much for posting the reply.