Track rejected


Greetings! Could you please write your thoughts why this track was rejected?


It sounds like a runaway train :slight_smile:


what do you mean ‘runaway train’. is it a song ?


No, it is out of control most of the time (fast parts). And slow parts (beginning for example) have double tracked guitars which are not exactly in sync,and also at the beginning couple of times they make some out of tune sound. Bass guitar sounds strange too.
Song could be nice it can be heard but production is not good. Guitar playing and recording is not bad either but on the whole it is not good. I suggest you start mix from the beginning listen to some other country songs all the time and try to mimic their sound.


Also I will suggest to compress guitars more, so their sound will stable in both channels. and drums, I think, too.
And it needs proper mastering too - first of all compression and limiting.


thanks for the reply. when compose a track i get used to it sounds good. i cant detect ‘strangeness’.


I’d chop it in half and calm the drums down a bit :grinning:


Does it sound better without second part?


I think so :grinning: