Track rejected - why exactly? Mixing or something else?

Hi guys!
I am really passionate about music making despite that this is my hobby, but I’ve spent several years doing that. I’ve tried to upload my track for selling and was rejected because of “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”.
I am not trying to lie to myself that this is really perfect track, but I think I am desperate to figure out what exactly is wrong: mixing ? track itself ? If mixing is the root cause then what mistake you think I do ?
P.S. Also, I am ready to find mixing/mastering tutor who could help me with getting better in mixing, if you are interested or you have someone in mind - please let me know. I am really want to get better in the mixing.

Thank you guys!

Hi, you have to remake the track from scratch, build an intro, add spatiality/depth between the elements

Could you please elaborate regarding “spatiality/depth between the elements” - by which means you think it could be achived ? Thanks!

First of all build an intro that anticipates the development of the entire track, then divide the track into various layers, where some will be ‘front/near’ others (far/back, using reverb)… I notice that now all your elements are front/near. :slight_smile:

and, use tracks already published on audiojungle as a reference to understand what’s wrong with your tracks


Thank you!
I’ve tried to fix it, here is the result third demo temp.wav - Google Drive
Could you please check it ? Thanks!
Happy new year!

Hello everyone!!
Dear AlfredMoon, I will try to help you. I saw that the main mistake was mixing, or rather equalizing the tracks of the instruments. In this video For AlfredMoon, I tried to correct the sound of the mix through equalization. Unfortunately, I do not speak English and cannot comment on my actions in this video. In short: here on the analyzer you can see that there is no frequency balance (the middle is failed). My actions are to use the equalizer to equalize the frequency balance, and in the “mid-side” mode we try to work with the mix space (something like mastering). But mastering does not fix mixing errors. It is necessary to achieve a good sound at the mixing stage. In this video Equalization of any instrument by looking at the Tonal Ballance Control, I have shown my method of equalizing any instrument. Try to use it.
Feel free to ask questions, I will be glad to help.
Good luck!!

Wow, you indeed make it sound way better! Thanks!
It was really interesting to see what exactly you were doing.
I see that you’ve used only initial version of the track for analyzing and fixing - what about second one ? Any suggestion regarding it ?

Hi!!! Yes, I worked with the first version of the track. The second version of the track has a better frequency balance and space compared to the first and sounds better, but is heavily compressed (that’s why I worked with the first version of the track). But, it is really necessary to correct individual tracks of all instruments, that’s what You should do. Sorry for my English.

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PS. Нормальный у тебя английский)

I did not expect. Then if you want, I can speak Russian to you, but in a private message. Here communication is in English only.