Track rejected - What's your opinion?

Hi all!
I’ve got obviously my first hard rejected song.
What you thing about it? It’s for a wrong mixing/mastering or for the “non-commercial” style?
But I think that the style is quite commercial… Oh come on, are you all happy and cheerful?.. :angry:

This is the song:

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No idea to everyone?
Also insults are accepted! :slight_smile:

You forgot to put a link to your track. I do not see it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your answer CleanMagicAudio.
It’s strange, the link to soundcloud is in the topic and I correctly see it,
anyway here it is:

Thanks! :slight_smile:
hey have you had any more luck
ive just had a rejection also
your piece sounded good to me
as im new here it will take time to find out production issues

Thank you for your reply inthepocket47. As nobody else give any cue, I think that the only reason is because reviewers don’t like the songs or the genre is not appropriate.
By the way, also your mix sound good to me.

It seems it just takes time to get the right sound and mix
I see some people have been trying for over a year to upload
I think plugins make a huge difference
they are quite expensive though

Beautiful music) Do you have at least 1 track in your portfolio?

Thanks :slight_smile:
No, not here on AJ, but you can visit my soundcloud profile here: