Track Rejected - Tips/Advice please! <3

Hi Everyone

I had my recent track rejected. an while saying that can be disheartening, I guess the positives are i’ve discovered the forums and can get more involved in the envato community!!! always a positive eh!

So i was hoping I could get some honest and brutal advice from fellow producers on why this track was rejected!!

I couldn’t find a way to upload directly so here is a Soundcloud link, I hope that is ok

Thanks in advance for any help


Something wrong with the link, can you fix it?

Hi Redberry does this link work…

hi! now link is ok) idea of the track is very good and positive, but in my opinion track needs to be more dynamic in rhythm section, i would add more percussions in drums and make transitions between parts of the track (for example, part 1 is ended with reverse crash and kick+crash, and than reversed piano chord is coming up to the part 2). and i think you need to make end of the track)

best regards!