Track rejected. Please provide comments

Hello everyone!

Several of my tracks got rejected recently. I am quite frustrated since I do not understand the reason. Please find a link to one of the tracks below:

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!
Thank you!

Maybe not enough bass parts:
tuba, funny trombone or something like that. Maybe. Yep.
Not enough interesting parts on instruments.

But I haven’t heard much of this kind of music here.

But again, in order to show funny penguins or cubs on the video and a backstage speaker who reads the text, your music will sound self-sufficient in this case.


Hi Ksarex!
Thank you very much for your comment! Could you please explain what you mean by “interesting party on instruments”?

The parts of musical instruments are repeated. It is not interesting.
For example, pizzicato playing one and the same.

My English is bad. Therefore, I recommend to watch this video tutorial:

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Thank you!

Sounds dated. Try a different instrumentation with better sounds.

Hi Audioland! Thank you for your response! What are the best ways to learn about new interesting sounds?