Track rejected for "general commercial quality standard" using Ozone to master. Why??

This track was made using MIDI guitars perfectly in tune, no improv leads, mixed with Neutron, mastered with Ozone with Tonal Balance control, and I also used a successful AudioJungle approved submission as my EQ reference. Whats wrong with this song? Any help is appreciated.

The effect of guitars jumping from left to right and right to left is too artistic for a production music, I think. Seems those are playing different parts, but as a result there’s some clashing occures, or maybe some phase issues, and then it should not get in one sole right channel on 1:20, you could just automate pan and put it in the centre and then spread again later. The kick is too quiet or unreadable, on a phone or cheap tv/desktop audio system it could completely dissapear. And the piano is too dry (lacks room or reverb) and dirty (boxiness) in some parts. Just my thoughts, good luck!

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Ok, that makes sense. I’m still learning the production methods for this site, thanks for the suggestions!