track rejected feedback

I would like feedback from you on this rejected track.
“this item does not meet general commercial quality standart required to be aceeptd on Audio jungle”.
I still have no idea what I can do wrong !!!

My replayed tracks always come with the same reason.
What factors imply this?
Choice of musical genre, description, tags, can they interfere with this decision?
Grateful for any help !!! :pensive: :frowning_face: :disappointed:

you need more practice. these do not sound so commercial or usable for AJ
the hip hop has some dissonant notes, and the first one too repetitive.
try to follow what you like the best and you are the best at it.

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Thankful @Pandocrator!!! :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:
Yes, I am trying to find the way and, yesssss, practice will help me.
What drives me crazy, is not finding and gathering the necessary elements. I research the AJ library a lot, I’ve heard repetitive melodies, from beginning to end, I’ve heard without highlighted melody, just harmony. With that I am experimenting and trying to find which factors are interesting for audio jungle.
So these feedbacks are very important to me.
Thank you! Success for all of us!

sometimes minimal stuff get approved even if they are repetitive, but they have been so meicously perfect sounding that you don’t get distracted. so keep it minimal!

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