Track rejected, feedback pls

Hi there, this is the second item that I upload and has been rejected, if someone could give me some tips I would greatly appreciate it.

hi @K-Dabra
first of all welcome to this community! :slight_smile: take a beer and enjoy the trip! :smiley: :beer::partying_face:
At the start I listened some atmospheric sound … a little bit abrupt entrance IMHO.
Nice sound, but a little bit undefined melodic line, it’s like an intro for something. Nice brasses here in the background, good flutes with nice ambiences… and then you are starting the main theme after 50 seconds form introduction… this is so long!! :scream:
nice theme… the strings section tries to do a repetitive melodic line, but I wouldn’t choose this scale, maybe it’s arabig… but maybe it’s not enough “commercial”.
in 1:39 I have a strange feeling with harmonies in combination with basses, in some way I feel that the different harmonic layers from different melodic instruments are fighting . But actually this is the end. You put here a piano with some sounds in the background… I guess with atmospheric purposes. But see: from 1:40 till 2:38 , you have spent almost a minute to do that… and again it takes so long! I think you need to be more linear, more stable and avoid abrupt changes and directions… and respect appropriate times: don’t spend never almost a minute to do an introduction, don’t spend almost a minute to finish a theme.
The strong part, (0:50-1:41) is more stable, but I think it sounds a little bit weak. Maybe changing some sounds? a little bit faster…
Well, just some ideas trying to help. Maybe someone from the community can expand or say something else…
Good luck for future approvals, and again, welcome!

First of all, thank you very much for the reply. I understand what you mean, the notes you make are the most about macrostructure and harmony, right? Leaving that aside, do you think the mix works fine?
I will be guided by your advice for the following tracks and will make more stable structures. Thank you.