Track rejected - but it's funny

Hello friends,

today I have received a rejection. I understand completely, because there is probably no market for this music and my sound libraries have unfortunately not given what I would have liked.
But it was so much fun to produce this track. And every time I hear it, it makes me smile.
Well, we have hard times here and maybe it will make you smile too?

If not - ignore it.


It’s really cool! Maybe it will sell on other sites.
I made some “old school black and white tv” piano pieces and they sell sometimes so there is a market.


This is so fun! I actually had a project fairly recently this would have been perfect for, I think there’s plenty of market for it. It’s a shame AJ has to limit genre so much to prevent flooding.


Agree with the others you can try to sell this somewhere else. I hope you’re not using that name for it though, probably needs something more descriptive. The name you have kinda suggests there will be vocals… :smiley:

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@ToivoMedia to make things clear: I am not the original composer. For the upload I used the follwing description, which contains all needed informations. The song is public domain. I guess, the song is well known in the USA, but don’t know excactly.

Here’s the description:
This is an orchestral version of the very known american music hall song “Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay”. The song got first known in Henry J. Sayers* revue “Tuxedo” in 1891 in Boston, but very famous in the London music halls in 1892.
The song has a very catchy melody and a simple chord progression. But that makes it so famous, everybody knows that melody and has heard it in chidrens camp songs, military ballads, folk parodies. A very known school children parody is known as “We had no school today”.

If you’re intersted in the lyrics (yes, there are):

A smart and stylish girl you see,
Belle of good society
Not too strict but rather free
Yet as right as right can be!
Never forward, never bold
Not too hot, and not too cold
But the very thing, I’m told,
That in your arms you’d like to hold.
Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! (sung eight times)
I’m not extravagantly shy
And when a nice young man is nigh
For his heart I have a try
And faint away with tearful cry!
When the good young man in haste
Will support me round the waist
I don’t come to while thus embraced
Till of my lips he steals a taste!
I’m a timid flow’r of innocence
Pa says that that I have no sense,
I’m one eternal big expense
But men say that I’m just “immense!”
Ere my verses I conclude
I’d like it known and understood
Though free as air, I’m never rude
I’m not too bad and not too good!
You should see me out with Pa,
Prim, and most particular;
The young men say, “Ah, there you are!”
And Pa says, “That’s peculiar!”
“It’s like their cheek!” I say, and so
Off again with Pa I go –
He’s quite satisfied – although,
When his back’s turned – well, you know –

And that is the reason, why I used the original song name.
Cheers :slight_smile: :grinning:


I love it! It’s so lively and sweet.

The song is not public domain. Copyright is owned by Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Oh, this is good to know and interesting. I’ve got my information from Wikipedia and found there:“A 1930s lawsuit determined that the tune and the refrain were in the public domain”.

Is it possible, that a company can claim a copyright for a publlic domain song afterwards?
Holy crap, that legal stuff drives me crazy sometimes.