Track Rejected...any feedback greatly appreciated!

Hey guys!

I would love your feedback on why this track was rejected! Thank you all so much!


Great harmony, but the synth has “cheap” sound to take such an important place in this mix. If you added disco drums and slap bass, you would have a pretty good fashion track, a funky brass maybe. In this form, the track sounds like a demo, it seems to be unfinished

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Thanks so much @SolarStock! Are you referring to the 8th note synth or the synth on the chorus? Also the demo quality, do you think that is a mix / mastering thing or is it more of a back to the drawing board kinda thing? Thanks so much for your feedback!


I mean the synth that sounds from the very beginning, along with the piano and kick. Just the track as a whole sounds incomplete, volume balance, instrument timbres, transitions

this would be cool for a specific project - company - need, but its pretty random, you need to gain more experience in what makes a track commercial value, many repeating and random parts all over, you need to listen to your instict a bit more and not rush by the “I have to release this for sales” factor

and most of all ask yourself… : " do I like this completely? "
surely that needs a lot of time to think off ! many times listening over and over again and find mistakes.
and I am sorry to say, this has a lot of those moments.

it has nice potentials though for sure! nice mix and all, arrangement needs work

bassline is introduced at 0:50 with another temporary sound, and then they both disappear, it has arrangement issues like this

Thanks so much for your feedback @Pandocrater!


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even Hans Zimmer is struggling with arrangement , don’t worry, keep working at it