Track rejected and reviewer's feedback is null.

I just submitted a few tracks. Three to be more precise.
one of them, an instrumental that I would consider a demo quality one, was accepted, whereas the one that I thought it was more professional was rejected. This is the message the “reviewers” sent me.

Thanks for your patience whilst your item was held for evaluation by the team.
After some consideration, it was determined that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Is it common for this platform to have such an ambiguous and generic stock answer?

If these people take the time to listen to the material, like they say they do… Wouldn’t it be more productive that THEY give me the feedback as to why the job was rejected, rather than asking me to ask for feedback to people who HASN’T heard it??

IN any case, I’d like to learn with the experience, so how can I find out what is the issue with the track, so it doesn’t happen again?


Hello! Do not you want to let us listen to these tracks? Then we can not help you!

sure thing!
Please advise as to how to do that, and I will gladly send you the track.

However my point is that the reviewer allegedly already heard the track. Why wouldn’t he/ she give me the feedback, instead of having me go through the whole process again.
It seems like a waste of time.
Just sayin’

You can upload them to the soundcloud and copy the link here.

Look here ! How many authors do you see? The team of reviewers can not answer in detail for each rejection, each author on each track (this is impossible physically), so they answered you briefly. (in case the track was not approved for sale). But you can always share tracks on the forum that have not been approved , and we will be happy to help you!

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I understand. All I am saying is that according to them, they listen “CAREFULLY” to every track. I assume that CAREFULLY means from the beginning to the end or at least a few times.
Since they took the time to listen to it “CAREFULLY”, why not taking the time to write their feedback, instead of a stock or vague answer?
Or, they can say on the website what is consistent to what they do. They simply listen to it briefly, and reject it without any feedback.
That is all.

In any case, I sent the track and I know the real process now.
I’m just disappointed that I had to find out this way.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to talk to me.
Best regards!

  1. The first thing I can say, the track is pretty good, it sounds good.
  2. It’s not exactly background music, it’s a song, you need to listen to the top tracks here to understand commercial viability, it’s better to write background audio tracks.(of course sometimes there are also spreading songs and they are also in demand according to my observations
    and here too)
    And I have a question is this your song? Because tracks on other people’s remixes are not welcome here. If it’s a remix on a folk song, then you should give her the exact name (which will coincide with the original and will not violate anyone’s copyright)! Good luck!
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1- Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. I will re master it, so it gains volume accordingly.
2- I know it’s a song.
I also read on the website that songs are not usually needed, but if one was to present a song, it has to be in english.
Please, don’t think that I didn’t read all the guidelines, because I did. Hence my questioning.
This is not consistent with what I read. ANd that is my point.

However, like I said before, now it’s clear to me, so I will keep posting instrumental stuff. No problem. Even better. I will refrain from posting my songs.

Which brings me to your question:
Of course it’s my song.
I wrote it.
What made you think it wasn’t?

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No, I did not say anything, and I did not doubt it was your song. I just asked :slight_smile:

I think that it is not necessary to completely refrain to uploading songs. If you only write songs, you can try to do some additional versions for them, for example with vocals and without vocals (instrumental).
Good luck!

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Yeah! I am not quitting!
No worries!

And thanks a lot for your support!!