Track 'Our Team Wins' - Can you please help me with this as I can't figure it out myself

Hello folks,
I got another reject for my music from audiojungle. They wrote to see the forums so I am here.
There is a lot of this kind of topics however many of them doesn’t have examples (track not found).

Here is the tracks:

Please let me know as I am not sure ?


Hi, this is the same with me. I already sent five songs and re-recorded two of the five.

Here is the link to one of them:

If you can help me too …

Thank you very much!

Good songs!

Hi Sonorando,
I was listening your music. It’s nice however the quality like - mix and mastering in my opinion could be better.

To All:
Guys I do hope anyone can listten my track and tell me what I need to concetrate next time.